Xeriscape: the jelly to EasyTurf's peanut butter

Xeriscape is a combination of the greek word xeros, meaning dry, and landscaping.

Environmentally conscious home owners see xeriscaping as a great way to enhance their homes and increase curb appeal while saving water! Roughly 70 percent of water used by the average family home is used outdoors – primarily to water lawns.

Using plants, gravel and rocks, your lawn can be individually designed to create a fantastic landscape and save a ton of water (and save a lot of money on monthly water bills).  As with any major undertaking, careful planning should go into your xeriscape design. You’ll be looking at three categories of plants in your planning: ground cover, trees and shrubs, and flowers, each serving a different purpose.

Ground cover: these low growing plants are generally less than 24 inches. They should spread on their own. These plants will enhance the beauty of shrub borders and break up the monotony of mulched areas.

Trees and shrubs: trees and shrubs will add height and some depth to your landscape. Be especially careful to select your trees based on their ability to thrive with minimal watering.

Flowers:  not surprisingly, xeriscape flowers add color to your landscape without a significant cost in water. Because xeriscaping has become so popular, nurseries are offering a greater selection of native and adapted water wise perennials and annuals.

EasyTurf, the authority in artificial grass, compliments your xeriscape  like peanut butter does jelly.  When you install EasyTurf, you elminate the need to water, fertilize, mow and otherwise maintain your lawn. You walk away with a lush green lawn, and save hundreds of gallons of water (and up to 70 percent off your water bill). Check out Easyturf for the latest!


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