Celebrating the man who almost discovered America!

I don’t need much reason to host a backyard BBQ, so Columbus Day is more than enough motivation to hang out with good friends and good food in my outdoor living spaces.

Before firing up the grill, I thought I’d brush up on my history a bit. I learned a few things, and these are tidbits contrary to what I learned in school – or just odd facts I didn’t know.  They’re interesting enough that I wanted to pass them along to you:

  • Columbus Day is a federal holiday, and parades in his honor take place across the country – but Christopher Columbus never set foot on mainland North America. The closest he came was the Bahamas. He made three subsequent trips from Spain after his initial “discovery,” but landed in Central and South America.
  • We know it took Christopher Columbus a while before he found someone to fund his trip, and eventually Spain did. But it took six years to convince Queen Isabella agreed to foot the bill.
  • Despite what my second grade teacher told me, Columbus did not set out to prove the World was round. This had been done centuries before. By the time Columbus shoved off in 1492, most educated people believed the Earth was a sphere. 
  • In 1500, Columbus was brought back to Spain in chains for the mismanagement of the Hispaniola colony, cutting off the hands of Native islanders who didn’t collect enough gold, and hanging rebel Spanish colonists at the gallows. Not cool, C.C. I almost don’t want to celebrate you.
  • After he died in 1506, Columbus was buried in Valladolid, Spain. For reasons we can only speculate, his daughter-in-law requested his body be buried in Hispaniola. So, Columbus once again, albeit in a casket this time, crossed the Atlantic to the “New World” – his fifth trip.

Now that you’ve got some Columbus trivia under your cap, invite your friends over to celebrate the man who almost discovered present day United States! Because even though he didn’t actually discover it, any reason for a parade and party is a good reason! And remember – Easyturf, the authority in artificial grass, compliments your outdoor living spaces perfectly.



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