Christmas Decorations Must Haves

Christmas is approaching faster than Santa’s sleigh on take off.

With the holidays come all the decorations – inside and out. Whatever your views are on the holidays, it’s hard to argue the spike of color and lights to the neighborhood brings a certain warm, fun, festive feel – a nice break from an otherwise bleak winter. Looking at it that way, there’s no good reason not to decorate your outdoor living spaces, so I’ve listed several, easy “must-have” Christmas decorations for your outdoor living spaces.

A Wreath: if you do nothing else, hang a wreath on your front door. A wreath is a warm, welcoming addition to your home, and these days, there’s a wreath for every personality. From traditional pine needle wreaths to a favorite sports team themed wreath, you’re sure to find something with a little looking.

Lights: no need to go Griswald and create brownouts, and you don’t need the lighting expertise of a Van Halen stage producer, several simple, carefully placed strings of lights will give you home a tasteful, decorative look.

Snow: some of us live in milder climates, but we still dream of a white Christmas. Fortunately, we have snow in a can! Or better know as flocking. Adding the right amout of “snow” around your windows gives your home a “come inside ’cause is’t cozier” inviting look – even if it is 70 degrees outside.

That’s kind of it for the basics, unless you live where it snows – in which case, you’ll need to build a snowman. Other decorations can be bought at home improvement and department stores. You could pick up an elaborate Santa and his sleigh, random reindeer, and outdoor Christmas trees. Nativity scenes and angels, the Grinch and Spongebob – you’re Holiday scene is limited only by your imgaination and pocketbook.

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