If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Boredom is the Mother of Sport

More than 7,000 years ago, Egyptians at their boss’s boring BBQ, picked up some rocks and threw them at another rock – giving birth to Bocce Ball.

Where the BBQ part may be a stretch, the earliest recorded version of Bocce Ball did occur in Egypt around 5200 B.C. Several hundred years later, the Romans, using coconuts brought back from Africa, played a game very close to the our modern day version. The sport spread through Europe and become so popular, rulers began to outlaw the sport because it threatened national security. Reportedly, soldiers spent too much time playing and not enough time working on their combat skills. The Catholic Church banned it for a while, claiming it was gambling and sinful.  In 1576, the Republic of Venice outlawed Bocce, fining and imprisoning violators.

Despite the “no-fun ‘leaders'” of the world trying to squash the sport, Bocce Ball survived and has seen a recent rise in players. Perhaps because the backyard sport is so easy to learn, play and set up. Nine balls (one smaller than the rest) and a 60 foot swath of turf (we preferwww.easyturf.com) is all you need.  You can play one-on-one, or have teams of two. Players alternate throwing the larger ball at the smaller ball – get closer than your opponent, and your score! That’s it!

Bocce caters to all ages, men and women, kids and grownups. It’s no surprise tournaments and clubs are popping up around the U.S.

A bocce court playing surface is a very important element in the game, and artificial grass is a great low-maintenance bocce playing surface.

Not only is artificial turf a superior bocce ball playing surface but EasyTurf also has the best drainage surfaces as well. EasyTurf also gives you a year-round perfectly manicured look and feel of an organic grass bocce ball court.

But whatever your court availability, pick up some bocce balls and see for yourself what ancient Italians risked imprisonment for!

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