Rockin' out at Pomona's RV Show

We are stoked to be at the California RV Show in Pomona this weekend for two reasons.

First and foremost, we’re literally rolling out RVLawn – EasyTurf’s latest line of artificial turf designed for the RV enthusiast. RVLawn features EasyTurf’s industry leading synthetic turf cut and rolled for easy transportation, and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback. People like the idea of rolling out a fresh, green lawn when they park their RV, instead of dealing with dirty, dusty lots.

“Outdoor living with an RV used to mean dry, dusty roads, parking lots and KOA campgrounds,” said David Hartman, President at EasyTurf. “We have given RV enthusiasts an opportunity for a lush, green lawn wherever and whenever they travel.”

RVlawn will  eliminate dirt and debris from being tracked in to the RV and provide a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment. And when it’s time to head out, just roll up RVLawn and pack it away until you reach your next destination!

The number two reason we’re stoked to be here: Bret Michaels! Yes, Bret Michaels will be here tomorrow for a meet and greet. As a resident of the 80s and a hairband follower, Poison definitely was part of my music collection. I can’t wait to meet the legend!

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