Scared to decorate? Don't be – it's as Easy as artificial turf

I love Halloween.

I love turning my outdoor living spaces into creepy – kid-friendly – scare zones. Next to Christmas, it’s the best holiday for decorating in my book. And with these easy tips and crafts, it doesn’t have to be a scary undertaking:

Jack-o’-lanterns: Halloween isn’t the same without these ghoulish gourds. All you need is a sharp knife, spoon and an imagination. The important thing to remember is that your Jack-o’-lantern will decay. Use the pumpkins to decorate your patios and porches and carve ’em up about a week before Halloween.

Ghosts: ghost go with Halloween like peanut butter goes with jelly. Tie fishing line to a blown-up balloon, put an old pillowcase on the balloon, and feed the line through the top. Using paint or marker, add eyes and a mouth. Done. Simply hang your creation from the trees or a porch.

Bats: Using a template like this, simply trace and cut out bats on heavy stock, black posterboard.

If you are just too pressed for time for crafts or extremely craft deficient, fear not. Home improvement stores, department stores and holiday stores do sell an incredibly array of scary decor. And remember, however you choose to decorate for the holidays, – Easyturf, the authority in artificial grass, compliments your outdoor living spaces perfectly.

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