Sneak in one last BBQ while you can

School is well under way. The NFL season is four weeks in. There’s an evening chill and crisp mornings signalling the call for one last BBQ.

If you haven’t invited friends and neighbors over to enjoy your outdoor living spaces with you, now is the time. Throwing a BBQ is easy and fun if you follow a few steps.

The Food: Your BBQ menu doesn’t have to be complex or refined – just good. I’m always down for a well-seasoned steak, but they can get pricey if you’ve got a lot of guests. Chicken, marinated overnight, or quality hamburgers wsill satisfy your guests. Traditional sides like potato salad, chips and vegetable trays provide a good balance to whatever protein you select – AND – you don’t have to prepare them. Just pick ’em up at your local grocery store.

The Drink: Certainly you can ask your guests to bring their own, but even if you do, you’ll want to have a selection of cold beverages available. Water, soda, diet soda and some fruit juice will more than suffice.

The Ambiance: all you really need for good BBQ ambiance is good music and places for your guests to sit and talk. Arrange your outdoor patio furniture together, inviting cozy groups. If you’re short on seating, simply bring some of your inside chairs out. At the end of the day, no one’s going to care what they sat on – just that they had a good time.

Which brings us to the music – you’re throwing a BBQ, not holding a memorial. Your music should upbeat and lively, not heavy and abrasive. Classic rock, Jimmy Buffet and reggae come to mind.

Don’t over-complicate your BBQ – keep it simple, light and fun, and you will be a hero for throwing the last great BBQ of the year. And don’t forget – Easyturf, the authority in artificial grass, compliments your outdoor living spaces perfectly.


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