Take a hike!

We’re blessed in Southern California with mild climate.

Outdoor activities are available year-round, and hiking is one of my favorite. Thanks to an www.easyturf.com installation, I found some trails and history I might not have otherwise come across.

We recently installed EasyTurf around the Daley Ranch House just east of Escondido, Calif. I was tasked with photographing the installation around the Ranch House – what I wasn’t told was that I had to hike to get there. Fortunately, I had the time and it was a gorgeous day. My dog and I thoroughly enjoyed our unplanned hike and the bit of history we picked up along the way.

The Kumeyaay, Luiseno and other tribes called these hills and valleys “home.” Soot stains can be seen in some of the caves they used for shelter. The Daley Ranch dates back to 1869, when a young Robert Daley claimed the land. Robert died in 1916, but his family continued to run the ranch. Though the family moved to Jamul, they used the Ranch House to “get away” and to entertain family and friends.

The Escondido City Council blocked an effort to develop the land in 1996 and marked it as a habitat preserve.  Now there are more than 20 miles of trails for hiking, biking and horse riding.

Whether you’ve got a Ranch House and want to add curb appeal, a dog giving your lawn problems, or you just want a year round, lush green yard, www.easyturf.com is the answer to your outdoor living space question!

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