West Virginia University’s Erickson Alumni Center is home to hundreds of meetings, conferences, student and alumni events every year.

Jason Dengler, Owner of Wildwood Landscape, is used to working to the high standards EasyTurf expects from our authorized dealers. We choose our dealers because of their quality of work, so installing 2,000 square feet of Nutmeg Lush at the center was welcome work. What added pressure to this installation, however, was a wedding ceremony scheduled the day after the job was slated to be complete.

Weddings involve a lot of planning, a lot of money, and a lot of expectations. Postponed nuptials or a ceremony on anything but a lush, green landscape would have been an embarrassment. Not sacrificing quality for speed, Jason and his crew worked tirelessly to ensure the job was done well and done on time. 

“We pretty much worked for an audience the entire time that we were out there,” Dengler said. “People were very excited about the transformation, and very impressed with EasyTurf’s look and feel compared to real grass.”

From all reports, the wedding went off without a hitch – and on the greenest lawn in West Virginia! 

But remember – you don’t need a wedding to plan your www.easyturf.cominstallation. The industry leading synthetic turf is the perfect landscape solution for your outdoor living spaces all year round.