Honoring Those Who Served

Every day, you pass by them, unknowingly.

Men and women, from every walk of life, from the elderly to the 20-somethings and every generation in between.

Men and women who volunteered to give up their rights in order to serve and protect yours. Some serve for four years, some for 20 – but they all served you and me. They have gone around the world, they’ve faced hardship, battled, fought … They’ve missed families, birthdays, holidays. They’ve slept in the rain, in the snow and in worse conditions than you and I could imagine.

We set aside one day every year to honor our Veterans, but we should thank them every day. We’ll never know what they know – never experience what they’ve given – and have given up. They leave the military and take a “regular job.” They don’t ask for special recognition – they show up and work hard, with a special appreciation for life.

Here at EasyTurf, we are certainly proud of the Veterans in our ranks, and would like to recognize them for their sacrifices.

Jackie Poucher – Marine Corps
Sonja Landis – Air Force
Chris Gillespie – Marine Corps
Brian Tally – Marine Corps
Jason Mayer – Marine Corps
Johnny Vargas – Navy

We’d like to thank all of the men and women who are serving now and have served in the past. You have done amazing things, and we, as a country, are grateful.


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