EasyTurf Goes Vertical

We’ve seen a growing use for EasyTurf – from rooftop installations to garage-turned-play areas, from bocci ball courts to putting greens, synthetic grass has grown beyond the bounds of the traditional front lawn.

While much of America was out fighting crowds and searching for the perfect gift, I took my laptop to a local pub for some online Christmas shopping. I sat down on the patio and was surprised to see grass growing up the wall – not just at the bottom of the wall, but literally all the way up the side of the building. It took a moment to realize it was www.easyturf.com.

The owner alternated strips of vines and synthetic turf over his drab, worn down brick wall exterior. The result was a lush, green, lively building, very easy on the eyes. The idea is great for several reasons – I wish I had come up with it. The turf is inexpensive and cuts the need to grow vines by half. The turf will not fade and will act as a nice accompaniment to the growing vines in every season. Rain will naturally wash it off – and it definitely catches the eyes of potential customers, drawing them in, and giving them a novel concept to tell their friends about.

I wasn’t the only impressed with the idea. Seems everyone who had a table along the wall felt compelled to reach out and stroke the grass, marveling at the concept. I think it’s an idea that can be easily applied to outdoor living spaces as well – maybe you’ve got an older garage. Instead of painting, consider alternating EasyTurf and some sort of vine. You’ll add color, texture and life all in one!

And don’t forget – whether adding a decorative wall or installing a back yard for kids, www.easyturf.com, the authority in artificial grass, compliments your outdoor living spaces perfectly.

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