You put a playground where?

I wasn’t terribly excited to drive through L.A. traffic to take photos of a recent EasyTurf installation. Bumper to bumper traffic isn’t my cup of tea.

But the job needed to get done, and I have bills to pay. So I took the job – and now I’m glad I did for two reasons.

www.easyturf.comrecently installed artificial turf on the playground at Harbor Interfaith Services. The EasyTurf crew installed the turf on the roof of the building! Yes – Harbor Interfaith transformed their roof into a playground for kids, and no better grass to lay down than EasyTurf! EasyTurf playground products are safer, cleaner and softer than any other artificial or organic play surface including the best rubber playground surfacing. Unsurpassed drainage is also a key component of EasyTurf’s grass system – and especially important on the roof of a building.

The other reason I’m glad I took this job is the opportunity to learn about Harbor Interfaith. The playground is for the children of parents struggling to make ends meet. Their mission “is to empower the homeless and working poor to achieve self-sufficiency by providing support services including shelter, transitional housing, food, job placement, advocacy, childcare, education and life skills training.”

There are many organizations out there doing great things for people – what touched me the most in my short time here was the genuine attitude of compassion and friendliness exhibited by everyone I encountered. The majority of those working there are volunteers, and everyone I met was friendlier than the last.The world needs more places and people like this!

EasyTurf is a perfect fit for Harbor Interfaith Services and their playground – it’s also a perfect fit for your outdoor living spaces! Check out the latest in synthetic turf news at



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