Despite the crazy winter storms, Spring is on the horizon!

Home Depot has begun hiring an extra 80,000 workers in preparation for its busiest season.

Spring is undoubtedly the season most of us spend the most time and money on our outdoor living spaces. We want them ready and perfect so we can enjoy them as much as possible before winter comes howling back and chases us inside. This spring, arm yourself with a plan of attack, and make the most of your landscape improvements. Here are few simple tips:

1 – Prioritize. I love spending money at home improvement stores. They just big boy toy stores for me. But, if I’m going to be wise, I’ll decide what are of my landscape needs the most work and spend my money on necessary resources. Because I have an yard, I can focus on my patio and not worry about lawncare and maintenance.

2 – Out with the old – and dead. Take an afternoon to walk your outdoor spaces and clean up old and dead debris. Chances are good you’ll have plenty of dead leaves, fallen branches and twigs, and maybe even some windblown trash. Start your landscape improvement by cleaning as much of the slate as you can. You might be surprised the impact removing the dead stuff will make.

3 – Know your limitations. Sometimes, we’ve got to put pride aside. If you’re not 100 percent sure how to install or repair a retaining wall, don’t do it! Hire a professional – at the least, find a buddy who is 100 percent sure, and follow his lead. Sure you might be able to figure out how to build a fence, but you want your fence to last more than year. The money you spend on a professional will pay off in the long run.

4 –  Plan your plants. If you are plan on planting, really plan your planting schedule. Vegetable, fruits, trees and shurbbery all have specific guidelines the best (and worst) times to plant. I don’t want you to waste your hard earned dollars on seeds you’ll plant in March that will never grow – or seeds you plant in July that won’t produce mature fruits. Consult your nursery professionals – even if you think you know what you’re doing.

5 – Make it yours and useful. Pick up any home improvement magazine, and you’ll find incredible landscape and outdoor spaces. But a million dollar patio may not be your cup of tea. Whatever you plan with your landscape, make sure it’s what you want and what you will use. Your back yard is an extension of your home and should be a place to seek refuge. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars “improving” your outdoor living spaces and not use them, I’d prefer you send me a check instead.

Bottom line – plan and get help. There are so many resources available for support and advice, there’s no reason not to. And remember, EasyTurf compliments all of your outdoor living spaces – and we’ll save you time on maintenance and watering costs all year long. Give us a call at 866-EASYTURF


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