Playgrounds go green with EasyTurf

Throw out the rubber tiles and wood chips, and bring in the artificial turf. Children play hard and fall hard.

EasyTurf, the industry leader in synthetic grass and putting greens, is quickly become the playground surface of choice. Moms and dads saw the benefits of installing EasyTurf in the back yard for their kids, and have made the move to parks and playgrounds. EasyTurf is safer, cleaner and softer than those old rubber mats, wood chips and even real grass.

Specially engineered for maximum durability while remaining exceptionally soft and smooth to the touch, our artificial grass fibers for playground surfacing eliminate friction burns associated with other surfacing including rubber playground surfacing. When you install EasyTurf, you take away the mud and grass stains. You eliminate bugs and rodents. With EasyTurf’s unmatched proprietary drainage system, standing water is a thing of the past. Your kids can get outside and back to playing shortly after the rain stops falling.

When you consider all of the EasyTurf benefits, the cost of artificial turf seems relatively small. Safety, durability, time and resource savings – all of these play a part in EasyTurf establishing itself as the best grass for reseidential areas as well as public parks and businesses. Check out more EasyTurf news and info at

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