EasyTurf grows as homeowners look for smart landscape options

As drought conditions in California continue, and more and more homeowners turn to artificial turf grass, residential areas are looking more and more green.

EasyTurf, the syntheitc turf industry leader, is turning dry, brown, failing natural grass yards into lush green lawns – and we’re doing it without the hassle and cost of watering and other maintenance.  Instead of worrying about mandated watering schedules and increased utilities, you can worry about your next tee time at the local golf course.

If you want an easy lawn to take care of, you want EasyTurf.Aside from saving up to 70 percent off of your monthly water bill, you can forget about spending money on fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, lawn equipment, re-seeding, and paying the neighbor kid to mow.

EasyTurf is more than just the turf grass itself. We offer a complete landscape installation. Our turf system includes preparation of the ground before the install, the drainage through the synthetic grass backing, the infill used to keep the artificial grass blades standing upright and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades.

If you’re looking for drought resistant grass to save resources and money, or you searching for a beautiful green lawn, EasyTurf is your answer. Find out more at www.easyturf.com.

We use only polyethylene or polypropylene fiber, or yarn, becauseof its superior quality, and we pride ourselves on setting the bar for quality standards in the landscape synthetic turf industry.



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