Go green and save green with EasyTurf

When people see my EasyTurf lawn, they usually ask me how much the turf costs.

I wish there were an easy answer, but the cost of EasyTurf isn’t a set dollar-per-square-foot price. You can buy the turf itself off the roll or remnants at the quarterly Parking Lot sale, but you have to factor in all the supporting materials as well – bender board, turf nails, infill. What I tell those who stop and ask are two things: first, call EasyTurf and they’ll send a design consultant who will go to your home for free, discuss what you’d like to do, and then work out an estimate for you.

The second thing I tell them is how much it costs NOT to install EasyTurf. Your monthly water bill will drop by 70 percent with an EasyTurf lawn – considering the recent price increase on water and talks of even more increases, we’re talking about a considerable amount of cash. That’s just to water the lawn. Now factor in the cost to fertilize, weed, re-seed or sod and to operate and maintain your lawn care equipment. How much is your time worth?

You add all these costs up, and in the end EasyTurf is a great financial decision. Plus – EasyTurf will increase your home’s value if you ever choose to sell. EasyTurf is best grass for residential communities hands down.

Pet owners have more incentive to install EasyTurf. Renowned dog whisperer Cesar Millan recently installed 10,000 square feet of EasyTurf at his Dog Pscyhology Center in Santa Clarita, Calif.

“Here at the Dog Psychology Center we have a lot of land to cover, so it’s important to me that our water conserving landscape is easy to care for, safe for our pack and has proper drainage.  EasyTurf was the best choice
for us and is the best choice for your pack,” Cesar said.

Drainage was the biggest selling point, according to Cesar. Pet turf needs proper drainage in order to prevent odors.

Pets or no pets, EasyTurf pays for itself over time by saving you time, money, work and stress. Check out more at www.easyturf.com.

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