EasyTurf is the best bocce ball court surface around!

A lawn bowling and bocce court playing surface is the most important element in the game of lawn bowling and bocce ball, and the bocce ball court artifical surface of choice is EasyTurf.

EasyTurf gives you a year-round perfectly manicured look and feel of an organic grass lawn bowling or bocce ball court without the hassle of watering, fertilizing, edging, trimming and weeding.

A premium surface should play fast, have minimal bounce, and be easy to maintain, EasyTurf artificial grass for lawn bowling and bocce courts does all of that. Installing an EasyTurf court ensures you have a level playing surface – no hills, valley, holes or divots. You benefit from a consistent surface, fair for all players.

EasyTurf also has the best drainage surface as well. You don’t have to wait long after a heavy rainfall to take to the court. Nor do you have to worry about tracking mud back inside when you wrap up your game. Did you know that 21 of 32 NFL teams play and/or practice on our grass? You don’t have to worry about durability or brown spots – if 300 pound lineman can’t tear up our turf playing the toughest, roughest sport in America, chances are you won’t either.

To learn more about the benefits of EasyTurf for your bocce ball court or other athletic fields, visit www.easyturf.com/commercial-artificial-turf-applications/artificial-turf-for-multi-use-fields.



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