Spring is near; get your green gear ready

When I think of spring colors, green comes to mind first. Green is the color of life.

Green is also my favorite color – which is just one more reason why I enjoy having an www.easyturf.com lawn – year-round green grass without the hassle of watering, weeding, fertilizing, aerating, fighting gophers, rabbits and other pests … none of that, but a lush green lawn regardless.

Here’s a list of “must have” tools to make your gardening easier, more productive, and enjoyable:

A compact hose: this is great for watering plants on the patio or around the porch. No need to painfully roll this baby up when your done – it coils itself and weighs much less than a traditional hose.

Gloves: spend a few hours working around your garden with a good pair of gloves, and you’ll be popping blisters and digging dirt out from under your nails.

Hand Tools: not just any hand tools, but a quality, ergonomically correct trowel, transplanter, weeder, cultivator, and scooper.

Lightweight Trimmer: your hedges will need haircuts. Much easier to invest in a lightweight, electric set of quality trimmers than to be frustrated with pulling out extension cords and heavy, clumsy trimmers.

Pruners: when the job calls for more precise work than trimmers will give, it’s good to have durable, strong and easy to use pruners.

Time: you’ve got to be able to dedicate some amount of time to your garden on a weekly, and sometimes daily business. If not, your planning, work and money will be all for not. One of the benefits of an EasyTurf lawn is the time you save by not having to maintain your yard. I used to spend an hour, easy, just mowing and edging my yard every Saturday before my EasyTurf lawn. Add another couple of hours watering and fertilizing, putting down weed killer … that’s a lot of time I used to spend on my yard that I use now on my garden and other hobbies.

If you haven’t checked out EasyTurf yet, I encourage you to do so at www.easyturf.com.




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