EasyTurf – not just for lawns

EasyTurf’s mission, when we started up, was to provide homeowners the best quality synthetic turf product to improve their landscape and outdoor living spaces.

Our success allowed us to expand, and we soon became the choice company for homeowners who wanted a synthetic golf green in their back yard.

Our continuous strides to lead the artificial grass industry expanded our applications to include artificial tennis court turf, bocce ball turf, soccer fields – pretty much anywhere you see grass, we could be. EasyTurf, a FieldTurf Company, brings that “big-field” professional sports playing surface to smaller, multi-use athletic fields around North America. We know that one of the most important sports factors is the playing surface, and EasyTurf provides a consistent artificial turf surface for superior all-around multi-use athletic field performance.

EasyTurf provides a cleaner, safer playing surface than real grass. By minimizing abrasions, neural and joint injuries on our multi-use athletic fields, athletes lose less playing time to injury compared to natural grass. 21 of 32 NFL teams have chosen FieldTurf for their playing or practice fields, and more than 4,000 high schools and municipalities switched to FieldTurf for their football or multiuse-fields.

EasyTurf provides the same technology for smaller venues, and can incorporate your sports court desire into your home landscape design. For more information, check out www.easyturf.com.


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