The grass is greener on the EasyTurf side

Have you seen the recycled rubber mulch for playgrounds?

More importantly, have you played on it? Shredding old tires and using them for playgrounds was a novel idea, and I do appreciate the recycling efforts. However, the mulch is just uncomfortable to run around on, and it’s dirty. The rubber tiles aren’t much better.

Schools across the nation are turning to EasyTurf for their playground surfaces. EasyTurf synthetic grass provides the look and feel of real grass without the dirt, mud, grass stains and bugs that come with a real grass lawn.

EasyTurf is safer than other playground surfaces, too. Our turf is engineered for maximum durability but is also exceptionally soft and smooth to the touch. Kids fall down – a lot, and our artificial grass fibers eliminate those nasty friction burns associated with other surfaces. EasyTurf is more than just the grass, though. Our  infill system consists of a thin base layer of clean sand, providing a solid foundation to support the fibers, and is then filled with screened, smooth (SBR) crambient rubber. Our playground system provides maximum impact protection and cushioning against falls.

The next time you see a rubber mulch playground, check it out for yourself. Run around, play – fall down. I’d be willing to be you’ll rather fall on EasyTurf.

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