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If you’re like me, you take vacations in part to get away from work.

I recently took a trip to Florida to “leave it all behind” and visit some friends I haven’t seen in a while. Our first night out, they took me to a brewery they had been raving about.

“Great food, great beer and great atmosphere.”

What separates this from other local joints is the expansive beer garden, complete with two bocce ball courts and seven cornhole set ups with artificial turf. (If you’ve never played cornhole, it’s a simple game in which you attempt to toss been bags through a hole some 30 feet away – that’s the short of it.) There’s also a putting green to practice your short game while enjoying a cold one and live music.

All of this activity night after night would certainly take its toll on a natural grass lawn, so the owner, sure enough, installed synthetic grass – and so thousands of miles away from work, on a vacation that surely would not include any aspect of EasyTurf, I found myself surrounded by “work.”

The owner understands the importance of maintaining a great year-round, low-maintenance, landscape – in this case, the landscape is part of the draw for customers.

A bocce court playing surface is the most important element in bocce ball, and EasyTurf is the ideal bocce playing surface. EasyTurf plays fast, has minimal bounce, and is easy to maintain. Our unmatched drainage allows for game play even after a heavy rainfall.

So even though the bocce ball courts reminded me of work, bills, commuting, house cleaning, laundry and other realities of “real life,” I did enjoy winning a few games.

Fore more about the synthetic grass leader or artificial turf for your backyard games, visit www.easyturf.com.


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