Go green and save green with EasyTurf

If I had to guess, I’d say 88 percent of the first question we get on our calls is, “What is the cost of turf per square foot?”

Of all the EasyTurf questions we receive, it’s also the most difficutl to answer. The cost of artificial lawn is determined by the entire project, which includes the ground preparations, turf, supporting materials and installation.

What I can tell you is that an EasyTurf lawn will immediately start saving you up to 70 on your water bill. Why? Because on average, a home’s water bill is 70 percent landscaping. If you don’t have to water your yard, you’ll save all that water … and so you’ll save all that money! EasyTurf, the syntheitc turf industry leader, turns dry, brown, failing natural grass yards into lush green lawns – and we do it without the hassle and cost of watering and other maintenance.

Maybe you don’t need our installation crew. If you’re looking for “DIY astro turf,” we sell straigh from the warehouse to you. We also hold Warehouse sales every couple of months to offer remnant and “off the roll” turf at sale prices, so keep your eyes open. Also, “astro turf” is a brand name turf, but also mis-used to mean artificial turf – much like Kleenex is a brand name tissue.

For the latest in the synthetic grass and artificial turf putting green leader, visit www.easyturf.com.

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