EasyTurf ideal playground surface

You have options when deciding which surface to use on your playground. Artificial turf is increasingly the choice of schools, daycare and park officials for they playground surface.

If you’ve every played on EasyTurf, the reasons why are clear. First, EasyTurf looks and feels like the greenest, softest grass you can find. Unless you’ve got your nose close enough to see our infill, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between EasyTurf and real grass. With an EasyTurf playing surface, though, you’ll have a perfectly level, consistent playing surface. The ruts, little holes, mounds or dips you find on a traditional grass field are gone.

EasyTurf for playgrounds beats wood chips, sand and those old black rubber tiles for a number of reason. First, EasyTurf is much softer – which is nice for playing, but it’s also a much better surface to fall onto – which happens a lot to playing kids. EasyTurf is much cleaner than other playground surfaces. If I collected all the sand my son dumped out onto our kitchen floor after playing across the street at our local park, I’d have my own personal beach. You just can’t get dirty playing on EasyTurf.

Drainage. Drainage. Drainage. When it rains, you have a couple of options with non-EasyTurf playgrounds. You can let your kids play and turn into wet muddy messes, or you can wait until the playground dries. EasyTurf uses a proprietary 100% permeable artificial grass playground surface backing, MaxxFlow, for unmatched drainage capabilities. Unlike grass, sand and wood chips, precipitation will not turn your playground surface into a sloppy mess. There is no need to keep kids cooped up inside – they can get back to being kids doing kid things right after it rains.

I could go on an on about the technical developments elevating EasyTurf’s durability beyond grass and other turf brands. Or I can tell you that some of the biggest kids on the planet play on the same synthetic grass we can provide. Twenty-two of 31 NFL teams play and or practice on our turf, and if 300-pound lineman digging in play after play can’t wear out EasyTurf, I don’t think your 5-year-old will either.

All in all, I wish EasyTurf was around when I was a kid – I’d have fewer skinned knees, few lectures about grass stains and getting dirty, and more memories of playing and just being a kid!

For more information about EasyTurf, visit www.easyturf.com.

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