EasyTurf adds functional, aesthetic value to your pool

One of our fastest growing installation types is for yards with pools.

Both homeowners and business have come to understands the benefits of a pool with fake grass – the most significant, perhaps, is the low-maintenance factor.

When you have an EasyTurf lawn, you don’t have to worry about grass clippings, dirt or other lawn debris blowing into your pool. You don’t have to worry about fertilizer, herbacides, weed killer other lawn improvement chemicals seeping in to you pool water. And you don’t have to worry about the hours of time it takes to maintain a great looking lawn – time you can spend enjoying your pool.

EasyTurf can also be nstalled directly over any poolside hardscape surface flooring without nails or glue to create a soft, artificial turf grass solution. So if your pool is surrounded by nothing but concrete now, we can easily transform it into a lush, green lawn. EasyTurf also gives you a cushioned, non-slip surface around your pool, making your lawn and pool safer.

To learn more about the industry leading artificial turf and synthetic putting greens, visit www.easyturf.com.



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