EasyTurf accents, elevates outdoor living spaces

One way to improve your home’s value and your quality of living is with an artificial grass installation. Beaumont, Tex., Rolla, Miss., Miami, Fla. – we’ve got installations from the east coast to the west coast. The reason we’re so popular is our unmatched product quality and our unbeatable customer service.

There’s been a big movement from homeowners to their outside living spaces – patios, baclonies, decks. We’ve learned that we can drastically increase our living spaces, if we just open the doors and head outside. As spring rolls through, the weather practically calls us outdoors. Maybe your outdoors needs a little sprucing up. Maybe to reeally enjoy your spaces, you need some new patio furniture. You local home improvement store has what you need. But walkk into one, and you’ll immediately notice numerous options in color, material, size, shape, durability and cost. It can be daunting. Navigate your way through this process by following a few simple steps.

First – establish your budget is a good first step to take. Remember, you don’t have to purchase all of your furniture at once – you can make an initial buy to get you by, then add more furniture in the future.

Secondly – establish your needs and limitations. If you plan to throw neighborhood BBQs (and why wouldn’t you want to show off your gorgeous EasyTurf lawn?), you’ll need seating and tables to support your soirée. You also want to be careful not to clutter your lawn with too much outdoor living stuff.

The last piece of the puzzle you want to figure out before shopping is the type of material you want. You’ll have to consider climate, durability, time and energy you’re willing to spend on care and maintenance. A wrought iron bench requires very little upkeep; where as wood furniture requires seasonal applications of oils and sealants to keep it fresh and new.

Working out the budget, needs and determining your material will narrow down your options. All of a sudden, the 1,000 choices in the home improvement store have been selectively cut down to 50. You can then simply make your selections based on style and comfort.

And remember, EasyTurf accents and elevates your outdoor living spaces, and saves you time and money so you can enjoy them more too! Check out more at www.easyturf.com.

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