EasyTurf moves to the top

EasyTurf can be installed just about anywhere.

From back yards to artificial turf on rubber roof, EasyTurf has you covered.

One of our fastest growing installation types is rooftop and balcony installations. Areas you wouldn’t think about having a lush green lawn are receiving makeovers. We’re transforming hard, gray spaces into bright, relaxing oases. Rooftops, specifically, have gone as unused living spaces, but EasyTurf synthetic grass changes the feel drastically.

Many commercial companies are making a “green roof” push. Since 2009, commercial rooftop installations are up about 115% thanks to companies and organizations like Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), Cities Alive, EasyTurf, and the more than 425 accredited Green Roof Professionals (GRPs) in the market. Owners of those buildings will see significant social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Be it a home or business, you’ll want the most durable, best draining turf available. EasyTurf’s VersaLUSH is perfect for almost all green roof applications, boasting easy installation over any standard surface and the durability to withstand every climate for up to 15 years.

To learn more about the synthetic grass industry leader, visit www.easyturf.com.

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