Athletes benefit from EasyTurf

From the artificial turf tennis court to NFL stadiums and practice fields, EasyTurf is proving to be the playing surface of choice for top athletes around the world.

EasyTurf looks and feels like natural grass, and has the durability to stand up to the most intense athletic competitions.

Next to the ability to provide a clean, consistent playing surface, safety and injury prevention are two of the big reasons athletes prefer synthetic grass to real grass. EasyTurf minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries often associated with multi-use athletic fields. Studies have proven that athletes are injured on real grass much more than on artificial turf. Fewer injuries equals more playing time.

After – or even during rainfall – EasyTurf’s superior, drainage eliminates standing water and sloppy, muddy playing fields so players can get back to the game sooner. Grass fields can get ripped up from cleats and all-around intense play, requiring constant maintenance. EasyTurf’s durability is NFL tested and approved. Twenty-two of 32 NFL teams play and/or practice on our synthetic turf.

When you look at the benefits of our synthetic turf over grass, it’s easy to see why more and more athletic programs from the NFL down to Pop Warner are using synthetic turf.

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