Just say no … to dirty camping

I went to the beach the other day and had to drive through a campground to get there. I passed RV after RV, tent after tent, and as I looked at the campsites, I realized none of these campers knew the advantages EasyTurf had for them.

I felt compelled to stop and talk to a few, and sure enough, they hadn’t thought about it before.

One of EasyTurf’s latest line of artificial turf is specifically designed for the RV enthusiast. RVLawn features EasyTurf’s industry leading synthetic turf cut and rolled for easy transportation. Instead of dealing with dust and debris around your campground, you can simply roll out a fresh, green artificial grass lawn when you park your RV – or pitch your tent.

“Outdoor living with an RV used to mean dry, dusty roads, parking lots and KOA campgrounds,” said David Hartman, President at EasyTurf. “We have given RV enthusiasts an opportunity for a lush, green lawn wherever and whenever they travel.”

RVlawn camp turf will eliminate dirt and debris from being tracked in to the RV and provide a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment. You can also hang out on your artificial turf for camping and not worry about being mobbed by blown dust. And when it’s time to head out, just roll up RVLawn and pack it away until you reach your next destination!

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