EasyTurf IS the top of the line turf

If you are looking for synthetic turf for sale, and you want the best, look no further than EasyTurf.

EasyTurf leads the industry in drainage and durability – realistic look and feel are somewhat subjective, but we are confident we are tops there as well.

Drainage – Drainage is another major factor in synthetic grass manufacturing. Not all backings drain well, in fact, many artificial backings drain poorly because holes have been punched in the back of the turf or a felt-like substance has been added. This felt-like backing must come to saturation before it begins draining. Even when it does drain, it doesn’t drain straight through. Since it’s an absorptive material some of the properties of the liquid that makes contact with the artificial turf will always remain in the backing.

EasyTurf is the only artificial grass with a 100% permeable MaxxFlow backing. This backing is 100% porous and drains clean through with no absorption. Drainage is a key factor for pet owners when considering synthetic grass.

Durability – is it coincidence that 22 of 32 NFL teams play and or practice on FieldTurf – EasyTurf’s parent company and sports field distributor. EasyTurf is the same turf that gets used and abused every Sunday by 300 pound linemen digging 1/2-inch spikes into the ground while trying to drive a 300-pound lineman across from him backward. Play after play, our turf stands up to the toughest competitors – some of the roughest athletes on the field.

Renowned dog whisperer Cesar Millan installed more than 10,000 square feet of turf at his Dog Psychology Center, because he know it’s the best turf out there – especially for pets.

“Here at the Dog Psychology Center we have a lot of land to cover, so it’s important to me that our water conserving landscape is easy to care for, safe for our pack and has proper drainage,” Millan said. “EasyTurf was the best choice for us and is the best choice for your pack.”

No matter how you cut it – EasyTurf is the premier choice for synthetic grass and artificial turf. For more on the industry leader, check out www.easyturf.com.

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