EasyTurf's Versatility Takes Pain Out of Yardwork

One of the benefits of owning an EasyTurf lawn is all the extra time you have that would otherwise spending maintaining your lawn.

I remember what it was like just mowing the grass every week. I would have to wait until the sun had been up a while to dry the dew off the grass. By that time, it was getting hot. Then I’d spend the next hour or so plodding back and forth across the lawn, getting smacked in the leg by the occasional errant stone or stick. Dust would fly whenever I hit a dry spot – mixed with the sweat pouring out of every pore, it would make abstract art on my face.

Then ther was the hill – ok, so it was a steep embankment. Either way, it was a serious workout on top of my already serious workout. The installation of synthetic grass on sloping sites may be my favorite part of my EasyTurf installation. No more struggling up and down that beast – No more pushing with all my might up the hill and hanging on for dear life on the way down. No more struggling to traverse it lengthwise because up and down was too tough … only to find that traversing had its own unique challenges.

My EasyTurf lawn has saved me hundreds of hours of hard, manual labor – just in mowing alone, not to mention the weeding, fertilizing, edging and reseeding. Time and money now spent on things I enjoy – like a frosty cold beverage and an afternoon game at the ball park.

For more EasyTurf benefits and the latest in synthetic grass news, visit www.easyturf.com.

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