EasyTurf can now save even more money!

You might have heard – California is experiencing an epic drought.

More and more homeowners are turning to EasyTurf to replace their natural grass lawns to conserve water resources. Water agencies across California are further encouraging the switch to artificial grass by offering thousands of dollars in rebates! They see the value in a drought-resistant landscape and understand the need to preserve our resources.

As California faces an historic drought, more residents are following in Blankenship’s footsteps and tearing out thirsty lawns to cut down on water use. Water agencies across the state have been encouraging the change by offering thousands of dollars in rebates to help homeowners make the switch to a drought-friendly landscape with better odds of surviving dry spells common to the local climate.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, covering 19 million people, received requests to remove 2.5 million square feet in residential lawns in July, up from 99,000 in January. The Municipal Water District of Orange County is processing 20 to 30 applications a day, up from just five a week before Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency earlier this year. Up north, the Santa Clara Valley Water District serving the Silicon Valley, received more than 1,700 grass removal rebates in the first six months of 2014 – more than five times the same period in 2013.

Californian’s are getting it – investing in EasyTurf will give homeowners a lush, green, manicured lawn year round, save time and money maintaining a natural grass lawn, AND save our most precious resource – water. The drought of 2014 probably won’t be the last drought we see – and homeowners making the switch now are going to be glad they did.

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