EasyTurf offers low cost artificial grass

California politicians have been making low cost artificial grass even lower. An extended drought compelled the state’s water agencies to offer discounts and rebates to replace their natural grass lawns with a water-friendly landscape. The thought is that this won’t be the last drought California suffers, and if homeowners act now, we’ll save water reserves in the future.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, covering 19 million people, received requests to remove 2.5 million square feet in residential lawns in July, up from 99,000 in January. The Municipal Water District of Orange County is processing 20 to 30 applications a day, up from just five a week before Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency earlier this year. Up north, the Santa Clara Valley Water District serving the Silicon Valley, received more than 1,700 grass removal rebates in the first six months of 2014 – more than five times the same period in 2013.

Californian’s are getting it – investing in EasyTurf will give homeowners a lush, green, manicured lawn year round, save time and money maintaining a natural grass lawn, AND save our most precious resource – water. The drought of 2014 probably won’t be the last drought we see – and homeowners making the switch now are going to be glad they did.

are asked to cut back on water use.

But even outside California, water conservation conversation efforts are growing across the nation. The cost of doing laundry, taking showers, maintaining landscape – all of it is going up, and our resources are being depleted. There are many ways you can conserve water around the house so you don’t feel it in the pocketbook so much. Here’s a few from the EPA:

  • Just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime, you can save up to 8 gallons of water! That adds up to more than 200 gallons a month, enough to fill a huge fish tank that holds 6 small sharks!
  • Taking a shower uses much less water than filling up a bathtub. A shower only uses 10 to 25 gallons, while a bath takes up to 70 gallons!
  • Washing your bike or car with a bucket and sponge instead of a hose saves a lot of water. A hose can waste 6 gallons per minute if you leave it running, but using a bucket and sponge only uses a few gallons!
  • Another, significant way to reduce water is installing an EasyTurf lawn for your outdoor living spaces. You could immediately reduce your water use by 70%. An average urban household’s organic sod lawn uses over 100,000 gallons of water per year!

EasyTurf is environmentally friendly in other ways too:

  • No carbon emissions from lawn mowers which can emit 10 times more pollution than cars.
  • EasyTurf requires no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that pollute natural water supplies.
  • Decreases trash in landfills by utilizing recycled car tires making it more than just one of a variety water saving products.
  • EasyTurf’s water saving landscaping causes no urban run-off into sewer systems or the ocean, creating an environmentally friendly solution to your residential and commercial landscaping needs.

For the latest in synthetic turf news, visit www.easyturf.com.

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