5 fun things to do with your dog and EasyTurf Go Mat rolls

Both you and your dog may live active lifestyles, but you don’t have to do so separately. EasyTurf’s Go Mat rolls make it possible for you to accommodate your pet and enjoy your time together no matter where your adventures take you.

The great outdoors
Bring it with you on your camping, RV, or other outdoor trips and roll out a cozy spot for your dog to rest and enjoy the surroundings.

Sporting events
Take it along to games or practice so your dog has a front row seat, or join them on the turf and take in a game together.

Small spaces
Make the most of your patio or balcony and provide a clean, comfortable area for your dog to relax while you bask in the sun.

Portable play area 
Playtime can be any time when your dog has room to romp, run, jump, and roll with you and any friends you make along the way.

Spontaneously create a pet-friendly picnic space virtually anywhere for an al fresco lunch and an afternoon nap.

In addition to the recreational benefits that they offer, EasyTurf Go Mats are safe and non-toxic, rinse and drain easily, and require no chemicals for clean-up. The soft yet durable artificial turf won’t fade or stain, has bound edges, and comes in three convenient sizes:

  • 3’x5’
  • 5’x8’
  • 7’x10’

EasyTurf has been installed in countless dog parks, animal shelters, animal hospitals, pet resorts, and veterinary clinics throughout North America. Portable Go Mat rolls bring that same cushioned play surface to you and your family for effortless use wherever you see fit. Join the thousands of happy dog owners who are already maximizing playtime with their best friends everywhere they go.