Putting the “friendly” in dog-friendly office

For some of us, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day. But not every dog-friendly office is naturally equipped to accommodate canine companions. If you are lucky enough to have your best friend with you on the job, here are four ways to ensure a friendly environment for a dog in the workplace.

Consider your coworkers

Although dogs are undeniably lovable, not everyone is comfortable around them, so keep yours within your immediate area by installing a baby gate or partition. Some coworkers may also have pet allergies, so if your pooch is prone to shedding, keep a portable vacuum nearby for easy clean up.

Create a cozy space

If your office is a cubicle, a 3×5 Go Mat from EasyTurf is the perfect dog rug for your buddy to relax on while you work. Line your floor area with soft artificial turf for maximum comfort. For larger areas, a 7×10 Go Mat can transform a conference room or large office into a playroom, providing ample doggie turf for both of you to frolic.

Be attentive

In a busy office, it can be easy to get caught up in your work and tune out everything else. Whilst having your dog in the workplace, be sure to take regular breaks to walk your dog and let them do their business. This will also help to avoid any accidents that may earn you and your dog a bad reputation!

Brown bag it together

You know that any friend of yours is a friend of theirs, and vice versa. Make your dog feel as if they are part of the gang by including them in your lunch plans. No grass near your picnic table? No problem. A Go Mat is a portable and easy way to turn a sidewalk or paved area into a lovely lunch spot or dog run. Bone appétit!