Where can I use a Go Mat?

GoMat Portable Artificial Turf Roll

  • On a balcony or patio so your pet can lounge alongside you
  • In a crate or kennel for maximum cushioned comfort
  • Outside of a mobile home as a private lawn for your pet
  • On a wooden deck for an outdoor picnic or lounge area
  • By the hot tub or pool so friends can stay dry while nearby
  • In an office or conference room to create a contemporary environment
  • At a pet adoption event so pets and potential adopters can get to know each other comfortably

What makes Go Mats ideal for pets?

Durability. Soft enough to play or rest on, but strong enough for playtime use. EasyTurf Go Mats can’t be ripped or torn, even by the toughest customers.
Portability. The fake grass pad for dogs and pets is easy to roll up and carry with you on all of your adventures. These dog grass pads can be brought along with you anywhere and won’t weigh or slow you down.

Permeability. The 100% permeable backing means that messes are only temporary. Go Mats drain quickly and won’t stain or retain odors from spills or pet waste.

Versatility. Sleek finished edges and sensible sizing makes this dog grass pad appropriate for use in any space. Go Mats provide style and comfort and are the ideal artificial grass option for pets and their owners.