During El Niño, EasyTurf Remains Ideal Turf Choice

El Nino Rainfall | EasyTurf Artificial Grass

Despite El Niño weather conditions expecting to have a huge impact on California and the Pacific Northwest this winter, a reversal of California’s severe drought is not likely or even realistic in the foreseeable future. Because of this, EasyTurf artificial grass in California remains the ideal and most practical choice for homeowners.

El Niño: A Temporary Respite
While El Niño will be able to provide much-needed rainwater and mountain snow, it will not be able to put a substantial dent in the current drought and put an end to California’s water worries. Natural grass lawns and other spaces will temporarily rejoice and grow, but soon the effects of the drought will return and leave your grass looking sad and longing for the days of yore.

Beautiful Grass Year-Round
EasyTurf synthetic grass, in contrast to natural grass, does not present the normal problems associated with adverse weather conditions, mud, flooding, or other seasonal conditions. No matter the time of year or unusual weather patterns, EasyTurf’s artificial grass stands the test of time and remains green and lush throughout.

Eliminates Mud and Flooding
EasyTurf synthetic grass does not sit atop dirt, and thus will not create issues for homeowners concerned about tracking mud into their living space. Seasonal rain and snow will simply act to wash off the turf, and then pass through EasyTurf’s patented 100-percent-permeable base. The result is a beautiful all year round artificial grass lawn with no mud or flooding issues.

The ability of EasyTurf artificial grass to withstand unusual weather patterns and make life easier for homeowners is yet another reason why EasyTurf remains the turf of choice for homeowners everywhere. Prepare for winter weather, droughts, and heat with our all-year-round grass. Call EasyTurf today for a free design consultation!