UltimateNatural Remains the Original Turf of Choice

Ultimate Natural Realistic Artificial Turf | EasyTurf Synthetic Grass

While many other artificial turf companies are now beginning to imitate EasyTurf’s most popular turf grass type, UltimateNatural, our company’s product remains the original and superior artificial turf of residential and commercial choice. UltimateGrass, one of EasyTurf’s newest product lines, incorporates many creative advances in the field of synthetic turf and demonstrates EasyTurf’s continued commitment to unparalleled product innovation.

Realistic Appearance
In order to closely simulate the appearance of natural, organic grass, UltimateNatural artificial turf makes use of a nutmeg brown and olive green thatch, which weaves through the turf blades and provides the appearance of having organic debris such as shoots, stems, and roots within the turf. UltimateNatural turf also incorporates a realistic-looking combination of field green and olive green turf blades, which appear lush and neatly trimmed.

Superior Drainage
UltimateNatural’s turf blades are made of UV-resistant polyethylene, ensuring the residential artificial turf will not fade due to sun exposure and will remain a vibrant green year after year. In addition, the turf’s backing, like all other EasyTurf products, is made of a combination of polypropylene and polyurethane which is 100-percent permeable. This is unlike other company’s turf products which make use of a hole-punch backing or other crude methods which result in poor drainage—eventually leading to water and other materials pooling on top of the turf. EasyTurf has patented this unique technology, giving its turf a durability that is light years ahead of the competitors.

Industry-Leading Reputation
Like all other turf products from EasyTurf, UltimateNatural is manufactured right here in the U.S. by the company itself and includes a 15-year warranty once installed. EasyTurf is a well-established company with many high-profile installations across the nation, and has earned the reputation of being the premier source of synthetic grass. UltimateNatural is yet another step forward in our company’s quest to constantly deliver product innovation and superiority that puts the imitators to shame.