EasyTurf Celebrates the Super Bowl!

Artificial Turf Football Field | Super Bowl 2016

Like everyone else this Super Bowl season, we at EasyTurf, a FieldTurf company, are ecstatic about the upcoming game—mainly because artificial turf is quickly becoming the playing surface of choice for football teams across the country. As of this writing, 22 of 32 NFL teams play and practice on artificial turf made by FieldTurf. EasyTurf’s products set the industry standard, from sports fields to landscape applications.

Durabile Turf for Any Sport
In addition to artificial grass football fields, EasyTurf artificial turf is regularly used for putting greens, bocce ball courts, soccer fields, and horseshoe pits. And it’s an obvious choice—our products are safe, require almost no maintenance, and are true to the feel of a natural playing surface. Unlike natural grass, our artificial turf can stand up to the ruthless use that is inflicted by giant running and tumbling NFL players. This durability ensures that EasyTurf and FieldTurf artificial grass football fields last for countless extra playing sessions while saving piles of money on maintenance and eventual replacement. EasyTurf even provides an industry-leading 15-year warranty to back up this durability.

Football Field Turf that Reduces Injuries
EasyTurf NFL artificial turf is also ideal for minimizing physical damage done to players over time. It is able to minimize abrasions and neural and joint injuries, meaning less time in the doctor’s office and more time out on the field. Studies have found that athletes suffer fewer injuries on artificial turf than they do playing on natural grass. It is no wonder why artificial turf is increasingly chosen for use in playgrounds, parks, and recreation centers.

For all of us here at EasyTurf, the Super Bowl is just another day of celebrating the wonders of our carefully designed synthetic turf. Whether you’re trying to accomodate an entire team of hulking football players or just want a place to throw the lawn chairs while you watch the game outside, EasyTurf is the turf of choice.