Why It’s Beneficial to Have Artificial Turf in California

Why it's beneficial to have artificial turf in california

Those living in California know how hard it is to keep a beautiful yard that kids can play on, pets can use, and the family can enjoy. While California is a gorgeous place to live, the weather makes keeping a lawn nearly impossible. That’s one reason why many are discovering the benefits of installing artificial turf in California.

The Roots of Synthetic Grass Boom
According to a 2015 article from the Washington Post, sales of synthetic turf began spiking for residential use in California after the state’s last drought. Those who want green grass, like Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight, were some of the first on board with the trend.

While hard numbers are difficult to find, most synthetic grass industry leaders say their business has doubled in California in recent years with many of the new customers in the middle-income range.

California Weather Promotes Artificial Grass Trend
The foremost reason most California homeowners want artificial grass installed is simply because California weather doesn’t allow for growth of natural grass. Average temperature highs range from mild 70s to mid-90s in the lower half of California, depending on the city, and its proximity to mountains, beach or desert.

Rainfall is another matter entirely. As many California residents know, most rain comes between October and March and, many times, the amount of rain (in inches) over a month are in the single digits. That makes it hard for grass to grow properly.

The State’s Laws on Water Use Are Strict
The state simply doesn’t allow for a homeowner to use up to 55 gallons of water per square foot to grow natural grass. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) issued a state of emergency in the midst of California’s four-year drought because there wasn’t enough water. He demanded that homeowners cut water use by 25 percent. That promoted enormous interest in artificial grass because turf requires very little water (to rinse off).

Homeowners Could Get Money Back
There are various cities and counties offering property owners incentives to establish low-water or no-water landscaping. Some of those cash rebates are up to $3.75 per square foot. While the rebates can include a vast array of options, like natural shrubs and cactus, many homeowners who yearn for a green lawn are turning to artificial turf to cash in on the rebates.

Artificial Turf Allows for Play
One of the best benefits of installing artificial turf in California is that it allows families to play outside together. It feels good on feet and it is safe for children and pets. With artificial turf:

  • There are no grass stains to wash out of clothes.
  • Insects become virtually non-existent, including fleas and mosquitoes.
  • There are no grass bugs, like chiggers, that typically bite children and pets.
  • Grass allergies are eliminated for children and animals.

Artificial Turf Is Environmentally Friendly
A strong reason why artificial turf in California is booming is because it is environmentally friendly in both reduced water use and in eliminating toxins.

Growing natural grass requires a lot of chemicals to make it grow. Pesticides and herbicides have active ingredients in them that are linked to cancer in dogs. And according to medical studies, Modern children are also showing a higher level of toxins in their bodies than in previous decades.

You can stop using all those chemicals once you install artificial turf. That will lead to healthier children and longer-living pets.

Other Benefits you Receive by Installing Artificial Turf in California

  • Overall, lower maintenance costs of maintaining a green lawn
  • Less time spent working in your yard
  • Easy clean up after pet use
  • It stays green year round, creating a beautiful lawn
  • It provides comfort and safety for sports and children’s play

Artificial turf in California is becoming more common as homeowners are discovering all the benefits of it. The biggest cost of artificial turf is the installation, but California homeowners are stating it is worth it and expect to see a return on their investment in saved water costs, rebates and in property improvement.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

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