Did You Know Artificial Turf for Dogs Can Keep Your House Clean?

artificial turf for dogs

When you decide to install artificial turf you’ll quickly realize how much cleaner your home can be. As opposed to natural grass lawns, artificial turf is much cleaner and doesn’t generate any waste. It looks pristine and plush upon installation and maintains that aesthetic without you having to do any tough yard work. You will no longer be spending time cleaning your house after you or your pet’s track mud and grass clippings through the door. No. You’ll be too busy enjoying your yard without any of the mess!

Did you know that artificial turf although a cleaner option for heavy adult foot traffic, is even greater for dogs? By installing artificial turf for dogs you’re guaranteeing that your home will be cleaner. Dogs love to play in the yard and if there’s a dirt spot or a mud puddle or wet grass, they’ll find it! You love to see your pets enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s always an inconvenience when they track the outdoors through every room in your house. The time you spend cleaning and the money you spend buying products to clean not only your house but your dog too, can become excessive and expensive.

Once you install artificial turf for dogs you’ll be able to watch your dog frolic on the lawn and rest assured that when your dogs are played out and ready to come inside that there’s no deep cleaning involved.

Here’s some ways that your dog and your house will stay cleaner when you install artificial turf!

Less Digging, Less Dirt

Most dogs, their favorite thing to do is dig holes. A natural grass lawn is an oasis for dogs when it comes to a solid afternoon of dirt digging. Artificial turf for dogs, however, is durable and the foundation of turf is smoothed over with filler that doesn’t quite attract a dog’s attention like sod and dirt do. With less digging, there are less dirty paws to track through your house therefore keeping your floors and carpets looking fresh.

More Durable and Less Mud

Rain can be great for a natural lawn as it can help grass grow and look healthy. Rain can also be a detriment to yards though when you think about your dogs playing in the aftermath of a storm. Artificial turf is not affected by various types of weather, it’s durable and can maintain it’s buoyancy and foundation due to optimal drainage. Dogs love mud and they always find a mud puddle before anything else in your yard. Artificial turf eliminates standing water and puddles as it’s quick to drain and isn’t build on dirt. After a storm, when you have artificial turf, your dog can run inside and not leave a trace of mud on your rugs and carpets. Less mud means a cleaner and dry dog and house!

No Pollen Residue

Spring and summer can bring hot temperatures and a ton of pollen. Humans, cars, objects and especially dogs can get covered with pollen particles and yellow dust. Artificial turf is unique because it does not pollinate like grass and true artificial turf is hypoallergenic. With the reduced amount of pollen in your yard, artificial turf will keep your dog from getting that yellow coat that can eventually end up on your sofas and furniture.

Wet Grass, A Thing of The Past

There’s nothing quite as dirty as when you just finish mowing your lawn and then a rainstorm hits leaving wet fresh cut grass clippings clumped up all of over your yard. Although you’re yard is wet, you still have to walk your dog and make sure he or she does their business. Once you’ve done your lap, you’ll notice that wet grass is stuck to their paws and their fur and also on your shoes as well. Grass never looks good on your carpet and cleaning it up is never fun. Artificial turf never requires mowing and upon installation it will stay it’s current height throughout its lifetime. Turf also has optimal draining, so rainwater is quickly diminished from the synthetic foundation. Having artificial turf ensures your dog never has to deal with wet grass clippings being stuck to their paws and you never have to deal with cleaning it up again.

No Stomach Aches

There’s something about natural grass that must taste good to a dog. Dogs love to play in grass but they also love to eat it. Sometimes they can eat so much of it that it can make them sick. Grass sickness can result in messy findings on your living room or bedroom floor, a mess that you won’t look forward to cleaning up. Dogs are not as attracted or even able to eat artificial turf, as it’s foundation is durable and not like grass at all.

Not only does artificial turf for dogs keep your house clean, but your dog loves it too! Learn more about our artificial turf products by following the link!

artificial turf for dogs