How Much Is Natural Grass Costing You?

cost of natural grass

Many people work hard to maintain their lawn. You do it day in and day out during the growing season. Most consider the work involved but don’t realize just how much that natural grass lawn is costing you.

Less time working in the yard and more money in the bank are two reasons why many are considering artificial turf for their residential yards.

The truth is a natural grass lawn can cost, on average, more than $2,000 a year to maintain. And that is before figuring in associated and unexpected costs.

Basic Costs
The largest expensive of maintaining a natural lawn across the country is in seed and maintenance products like fertilizer and pesticides. Nationwide statistics show seeding costs around $750. In some areas of southern California, there are particular fertilizers and pesticides you must use because of local regulations on chemicals or because there are specific insects prone to live in your area. This can raise the overall expense because those products tend to be more expensive.

Other products required to keep a lawn looking perfect include:
· Herbicides to kill weeds
· Specific weed killers for things like poison ivy and sumac
· Ant killer
· Mulch for flower beds and walkway areas

These items, along with seed, will total around $200 on average each year. Installing sod grass will increase the cost of a typical yard. Currently, the national average is about $1,717 for a typical yard.

Utility Costs
One of the hidden costs of maintaining a natural lawn is utility costs. Water, naturally, is the biggest portion of that. Some grasses require more water than others and must be watered daily to avoid dying. Watering your lawn In southern California, with its dry desert-like heat, is almost a necessity. However, with most of the state under strict water use restrictions, watering daily is not only expensive but could be illegal.

While rates across the state vary based on meter size and use, you could be looking at around $125 a month for using around 700 gallons of water. That includes all water used both inside and outside the home. Just imagine how much you could save with water conserving grass.

Electrical use could also be inflated, depending on how often you water your lawn and what lawn equipment you use. Irrigation systems require electricity to operate and some lawn equipment may require an outlet.

Equipment Costs
Anyone who has a yard knows equipment is needed to maintain it. Some of the items likely sitting in your garage are a lawnmower, leaf blower, edger, weed wacker, rake, hoe, shovels, and spades. You may even have a wheelbarrow as well.

The average cost of all of that equipment for grass is around $3,500 to purchase. Don’t forget about the additional costs of gasoline and oil too. If you live in an area that requires disposable bags for your grass clippings, you can tack on another $25 or so for the cutting season.

Lawn Care Services
Those who hire lawn care companies to manage their properties have a better handle on the overall costs. According to, the average cost nationwide of hiring a lawn service to mow and maintain your lawn is $163 per mow. If you have this done once a week from May through the end of August, that’s a total of $2,608.

Other Costs
Many love the idea of a sprinkler system to water their lawn consistently and control water consumption. Installing that system will cost around $2,453 on average and winterizing it or activating it in the spring will be an additional $80. Repairing it could cost an average of $200, according to nationwide numbers.

Hidden Costs
There are other associated costs with having a natural grass yard that you may never have realized including:
· Flea and tick products for dogs
· Additional pet bath products
· Additional laundry products and more washer/dryer use for children’s clothes
· Additional home cleaning products for cleaning up mud and dirt brought in from outside
· Insect control products for children and for outdoor family areas

Once you figure in all these costs, your numbers for maintaining a yard start to inflate.

Unexpected Costs
There are always some unexpected costs to maintaining a lawn. Things, like repairing a lawnmower or reseeding after a drought, are almost a certainty. Those costs range anywhere from $150 up to $3,000 depending on the situation.

So, in a bad year with an unexpected drought or equipment repair, you could be paying up to $5,500 just to have a yard!

The enormous price of grass is why many people are considering artificial turf as an alternative. While costs vary depending on the product and size of the installation, lists the average nationwide cost of installing synthetic grass as approximately $4,500. That is a one-time cost.

Artificial grass doesn’t require watering or fertilizer. You can stop buying insecticides too because pests cannot feed on artificial grass, so they move on. Synthetic grass is easy to clean up after messes from pets or children as well.

So, even if you have the standard cost of $2,000 a year to maintain a lawn, the savings of artificial grass can be huge over a 10-year period. With new technology, synthetic turf can look and feel like the real thing and that is prompting many homeowners to give it a look. You will find the long-term benefits far outweigh installation costs. Request a free quote today and see how much an installation would cost for you.

Benefits of Artificial Turf