10 Chores You Can Forget After Installing Artificial Turf

10 Chores You Can Forget After Installing Artificial Turf

As a busy homeowner, you are definitely familiar with endless household responsibilities. Family time and careers take up a good majority of your time, but at the end of the day yard work has to get completed too. In the rush of life, it’s easy for mowing and weed eating to fall to the end of your “to-do” list. That’s why artificial turf is the perfect solution to help you forget the long list of chores that’s hanging over your head. As an added bonus, when you decide to invest and install artificial grass as a low maintenance law, you’ll not only be eliminating chores, you’ll also be reducing maintenance costs associated with maintaining your household. After you install artificial turf your chores become less, you save money and you’re able to enjoy spending time around your house more!

Below are 10 chores you can forget once you install artificial turf…

1. Mowing
Mowing your lawn, especially in the summer, can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Whether your yard is large or small, whether you use a riding mower or walk your lawn, it’s still a chore that is on most homeowner’s to-do list. If you choose not to mow your own lawn, then comes the additional monthly expense of hiring a lawn service and that’s one more expense to factor in your budget. When you install artificial turf, you will guarantee that your mowing days and lawn service fees are over. Upon installation, artificial turf is placed and will stay at its current height no matter what weather or climate your yard may be in. In addition to never having to mow again or pay a lawn service again, you’re also eliminating mower maintenance chores. No more gas for the mower or the need to replace blades. You’ll be enjoying the aesthetics of a beautiful yard, with little to no work.

2. Sprinkler Maintenance
Once you install artificial turf, you’ll no longer have a need for a sprinkler system. The turf foundation won’t need sprinkling to live and thrive like natural sod. It will be green and plush upon installation; therefore there will be no need for sprinkler installation or upkeep. Once you have artificial turf, dial back on the sprinkler chores and the sprinkler altogether!

3. Fertilizing
For homes in warm climates dead looking grass can be a problem. Many homeowners spend money and endless time applying fertilizer to help their grass flourish. With artificial turf, fertilizing will become a chore of the past. Artificial turf doesn’t need fertilization in order to look green and pristine – that comes as soon as your turf is installed.

4. Tending to Divots
Lawns that experience high foot traffic and pet activity can result in more chores for homeowners. High foot traffic can result in divots and holes in normal sod-based lawns, which requires homeowners to take on the chore of having to buy dirt and refill those divots. When you install artificial turf you will find that the foundation is extremely durable and that foot traffic will not result in any wear or holes on your turf lawn. Mark tending to divots off your chore list!

5. Fire Ant Control
Any person with a yard knows that fire ants are the worst visitors that you can have. In the summer time, anthills can run rampant and populate quickly. In order to address an ant problem, time and money are necessary. Between the time it takes to apply ant killer and the time and money it takes to buy it, the chore of killing ants is just too time consuming. Artificial turf, however, does not have a surface that allows ants to thrive. Artificial turf has optimal drainage and therefore fire ants will find it impossible to crawl through those drainage holes. So say goodbye to any fire ant control related chores.

6. Weed Control
Weeds can overtake your yard and before you know it weed eating and weed pulling has been added to your chore list. In addition to taking time and effort on your part, weed eating also requires gas, oil and new string, taking more money from your pocket. When you install artificial turf you’ll eliminate weeds, as they cannot grow in synthetic grass.

7. Trimming Shrubbery
Shrubbery and bushes are common around natural sod lawns and so is the chore of having to trim them. When you decide to install artificial turf you’ll no longer have to worry about adding shrubbery in order to improve your yard’s aesthetic appeal. You’ll yard will already be in a league all it’s own and you will no longer have to be bogged down with trimming.

8. Raking and Bagging
As you know when you install artificial turf you eliminate the task of having to mow. Therefore without mowing, you’ll no longer have to worry about bagging or raking grass clipping either! Raking will not be completely eliminated if you have trees close by. Sorry, but we can’t change what the trees do!

9. Reseeding
Between buying lawn seed and applying it, homeowners spend a lot of time reseeding their lawn. Artificial turf in turn, upon installation, requires no reseeding in order to ensure that your lawn is full and plush.

10. Watering Your Yard
A big draw of artificial turf is that it helps conserve water. Artificial turf requires very little watering after installation. In addition to saving water, it also saves homeowners time because they no longer have to worry about manually watering their grass. Put the hose up and just enjoy your yard!

Artificial turf allows you to knock a lot off of your chore list. Yard work is time-consuming and artificial turf is built to make sure you enjoy your yard more and have to maintain it less. So put the lawn mowers and weed eaters up for sale. Save some money and save some time because artificial turf is the solution to help you forget more yard related chores than you ever thought could be eliminated!

Benefits of Artificial Turf

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