Learn What Makes Artificial Grass And Dog Areas A Perfect Fit!

artificial turf for dogs

Your dog and artificial grass go together like coffee and cake. They are the perfect fit and for many reasons. Pet owners are discovering that installing artificial grass for dogs is the perfect solution for many common problems like:

  • Yellow spots in the yard from urination.
  • Holes dug by your pet.
  • Bare spots from dog play.
  • Dirt tracked into the home.
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Dog allergies

Looks Natural

Artificial grass for dogs looks like naturally grown grass because blades are manufactured with high quality materials and come in a variety of blade sizes. Most pet owners want a combination of longer and shorter blades to complete the natural look. More importantly, artificial turf feels like the real thing so no one – not even your dog – can tell the difference.

Artificial grass products have a strong backing that stops your family pet from digging into the dirt, so there is no way for them to dig holes. There also won’t be any bare spots from dogs running and rolling around because artificial turf doesn’t wear down for years.

Good Drainage

An important aspect of artificial grass for dogs is drainage. The newer products provide excellent drainage both with the backing and the newer versions of infill. All you have to do is spray down urination areas with a hose. Fecal matter can be picked up and sprayed as well. One of the best aspects of artificial turf for dogs is the blades won’t turn yellow in urination areas.

Installing artificial turf will leave you with a cleaner home. That’s because your furry family member will not be tracking in dirt from outside. That means less cleaning, as well as less allergies and bacteria, in your home.

Go Healthy

Addressing bacteria, there is one type of infill that pet owners love. Acrylic infill, which is sand and silicone coated with a synthetic material, is one of the top-selling infills for pet owners because the anti-microbial coating prevents bacteria from spreading. So, when your pet uses the bathroom outside, this type of infill will stop any bacteria from your dog’s bathroom activities from spreading in the yard, making your yard safer for your children and other family members.

Another safety concern with dogs is fleas and ticks. Natural grass is full of both. Artificial grass greatly reduces the possibility of both fleas and ticks because it reduces the insect population. Fleas and ticks can’t hatch and grow in the dirt because the backing on artificial grass acts as a barrier over dirt. That means there is no way for insects to feed or lay eggs. That also means there isn’t a way for insects in the dirt to attach to your pet.

Artificial grass for dogs can also reduce the effects of allergies for your pet. Natural grass produces an enormous amount of pollen while artificial grass produces no pollen. Less pollen in your yard means fewer allergies for your dog, as well as your family.

Getting artificial grass for your dog’s play area will improve your life with your pet. It amounts to less frustration with your yard and with your dog. You will bathe your dog less, spend less time repairing yard damage, and less money on flea and tick medication. The result is you will gain more time to play with your pet and you’ll end up with lower pet costs!

artificial tur for dogs