Artificial Grass is Transforming Roofs, Porches, & Balconies

Rooftop Artificial Grass

You might think that artificial grass is only good for yards and playgrounds and ball fields – but you’d be wrong. When you think outside of the box, you’ll find that artificial turf can turn any surface, such as a roof, patio or balcony into a unique place that sets your home apart.

The durability, convenience, and adaptability of artificial grass provide endless options for sometimes boring spaces around your home. With its low maintenance features and versatility, you will be able to enjoy artificial turf up high, down low and in-between in a variety of spaces.

See below to see find out about how artificial grass can transform your roof, porch, balcony and more!

Roof Top Oasis

If you’re an apartment dweller, you know how fortunate you are if you have a roof access. If you are one of those lucky people who get a front row seat to star gazing, you may have never thought about a way to really make your rooftop experience unique. Well, artificial turf can help set your concrete rooftop into your own rooftop oasis. Artificial turf is easily installed because turf can be laid right over top of regular roofing material. It is recommended that when you do install turf on your roof that you use PDS tiles for optimal drainage. These tiles work to create a drainage channel between the roof and turf allowing water to run off and drain away, preventing it from standing in areas for any length of time.

Rumor has it that turf will become too hot on a rooftop level, but rest assured that this rumor is untrue. Turf will not raise the temperature of your building or home. Its durability is also ideal for a rooftop setting as artificial turf continues to thrive in any and all weather and climates. Enjoy lying out, hitting a few golf balls on your putting green or just have an outdoor picnic all on your roof, all on artificial grass!

Patio and Porch Sitting

Rooftops are great, but everyone knows that front porch and patio sitting is a perfect place to unwind from life and enjoy the outdoors. Artificial turf is a great addition to any porch or patio, even in limited areas, it gives these normal spaces a unique look! Porches and patios are great for having friends over or for just swaying in your rocking chair – but artificial turf allows you to do that, but have the feel and look of grass below your feet. It gives you the feel of summertime, all the time. The only maintenance needed is watering it off every once and again between all of the visitors that will be coming to help you enjoy your new investment!

Out on the Balcony

For apartment dwellers that don’t get to experience a wrap around porch or personal patio, they probably spend a lot of time on their balconies. Apartment renters and owners have a common desire of wanting to have a yard or an escape and artificial turf allows them to have that opportunity. Artificial turf can be cut and placed in any sized space and will make your cement balcony feel like the great outdoors. You can even cut the artificial grass to allow you to have half cement and turf, therefore giving you a touch of everything.

Deck Life

Decks are the best. Am I right? Deck parties and cookouts are where some of the best memories are made. But think about how awesome your deck life would be if you installed artificial turf? You could have the feel of a plush yard on your deck – how cool is that? Your kids could play more safely and not have to worry bout falling down on wood planks or getting splinters. You could tend to the grill and then hit a golf ball down your putting green at the same time. If you have a hot tub, an artificial surface would be great on your deck because it would sit on a cushioned surface that has optimal drainage.

Artificial turf allows you to think outside the box and provides endless options as to what and where you can place it. Artificial turf takes spaces that may be bland and gives them a touch of creativity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfect for lawns and playgrounds and ball fields – but it’s also a worthy addition on your roof, porch, patio, balcony and really any space around your house. With artificial turf, your ideas can be brought to life and your home will thank you for it!

Artificial turf