Did You Know That California Municipalities Offer Rebates For Artificial Turf?

california artifical grass rebates

Southern California homeowners could save some green by making your lawn more water and energy efficient, including switching out natural grass for synthetic turf. While many programs have closed out, there are artificial turf rebates available in the area that will reimburse for creating a yard that reduces water and energy use.

California Initiated Rebates

California has been involved in programs for artificial turf rebates for years because of increased concern over water availability and a focus on conservation. These programs come with solid research. Most average homes in southern California saves an average of 22,000 gallons of water a year after converting to artificial grass.

The popularity of the artificial turf rebates is causing some water districts to run out of funds for the programs. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California closed its turf removal program in 2015 but insists some limited areas still offer the rebates. However, it and 26 member agencies, still have a water incentive program it offers to commercial customers and those rebates include payments for landscape efficiency.

Orange County Offers

The Municipal Water District of Orange County offers rebates on a number of energy and water efficient changes including turf removal. The goals are:
• To promote water conservation
• Reduce property runoff
• Keep the ocean cleaner by reducing runoff

The rebates are available to both homeowners and commercial customers of participating water agencies. Not every agency is participating, so you will need to call your water agency to verify participation. There are some key rules to remember when applying:
• The rebate won’t exceed project cost, so you will not make money on it.
• There is a waiting list for applicants, so it can take a while to get approved.
• You can’t start your project until you are pre-approved. Otherwise, you won’t get your rebate.
• You will have a pre-inspection and will receive a letter to proceed once you are approved.

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts’ Cash for Grass program is incredibly popular and will keep going until funding runs out. While this program offers rebates for creating a drought-resistant yard, it does not include artificial turf rebates. More than 2 million square feet of turf have been removed under the program. Funds are given on a first come, first serve basis. It can take up to four months to get pre-approved another four months after your project has a post-completion inspection to get your rebate check. Only those in districts 21, 37 and 40 are eligible.

Loan Program Offered

Property owners where money is holding them back from completing projects that save water and energy have an option through the Los Angeles County’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. You can make improvements — like converting to drought-tolerant landscaping – under this program without paying a dime up front. The cost is broken down and applied yearly to your property tax bill. While a homeowner can’t participate in this program and also a program for artificial turf rebates, the loan program still offers a great way to make landscape improvements that result in conservation measures.

Santa Clara Valley

Those living in the Santa Clara Valley Water District and who are interested in using crumb rubber as an artificial turf infill should call on the details of its new program. The district is conducting a study on crumb rubber infill. The contact is Stanley M. Williams, chief executive officer of the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Southern California property owners seeking ways to conserve water have a variety of options. All you have to do is call your local water district for details to programs in your area. A call could net you a beautiful yard and a rebate for the cost. Talk with us today and let us tell you about some of the rebate offers you could apply for!

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