Could Your Lawn Chemicals Be Poisonous To Your Family And Pets?

dangerous chemicals

There are hidden dangers in your yard and you may be the one putting your family at risk without even realizing it.

Those who want beautiful lawns work hard to achieve it. They put out additional seed, fertilizer and regularly apply pesticides to keep insect from destroying it. The problem is all of those chemicals could be causing health problems for your family, particularly your children and pets.

The Truth About Lawn Chemicals

Lawn chemicals are toxins. That is how they kill weeds and insects. Even fertilizers are made from chemical components that could harm people and animals. Some of these chemicals are linked to illnesses like allergies and skin irritations. This is particularly true for pets with the result being hot spots, hair loss, and scratching. Serious pet illnesses, like lymphoma, are also linked to these types of chemicals. Veterinarians have even documented an increase in cancers in dogs over the past 20 years.

How Your Family is Exposed

Your family can be exposed to these toxins in basically three ways:
• Absorption. Children and pets in contact with grass can absorb these chemicals through the skin.
• Ingestion. Small children who put toys in contact with grass in their mouths and pets eating grass or licking their fur are taking in lawn chemicals.
• Inhaled. Those who use a sprayer or a spreader are also spreading toxic fumes from the chemicals. These are easily inhaled by children and pets.

Studies Show More Exposed

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has documented how lawn chemicals are affecting people. Testing demonstrates that children are showing a high amount of toxins in their urine and blood than a few years ago. These chemicals affect children more than adults, according to the CDC.

Synthetic Grass is a Good Solution

Artificial grass is an excellent way to avoid all those chemicals. Once your synthetic turf is installed, you will no longer need any of those lawn chemicals. Weeds do not grow in artificial grass, so there will be no need to buy weed killer.

Insects will visit your yard less too because artificial grass reduces the food source for bugs. That means you will no longer need pesticides.

Better Yard, Better Health

The reduction of toxic chemicals in your yard will improve the overall health of your family in reducing allergies and naturally preventing bug bites. The best part is you will know your artificial grass is environmentally friendly and is safe for young children and pets.

The other benefit of installing artificial turf is that it will look good and feel soft even without all the work and chemicals that natural grass requires. That means more motivation to play and be outside, which amounts to a better quality of life for your children and pets.

Artificial grass also means you will spend less money and time in your yard. The cost of buying all those chemicals can pay for something else, like entertainment, for your family. The less time you spend working in your yard amounts to more time you can spend with your family and pets. That could prove to be a stress reliever for you and your family, which could lead to a better home life.

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