The Benefit of Getting Artificial Turf for Pool Areas

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artificial turf for pools

The Benefit of Getting Artificial Turf for Pool Areas

We all have seen how artificial turf around pool areas can make backyards look beautiful. In general, artificial turf will make your backyard look much more organized, just because it always looks good, unlike natural grass. The problem with natural grass in pool areas is that the pool’s maintenance chemicals can kill the grass. What’s worse, people can track mud into the pool. This isn’t ideal for anyone, and can even cause problems with the pool’s filter.

Maintaining a backyard pool isn’t easy. You have to balance the chlorine and other chemicals. You have to make sure that organic debris from trees doesn’t get into the pool. Sometimes you’ll have to drain it to clean all of the hard to reach areas. Usually this type of work is best left to a professional. Either way, it’s going to cost a lot of time, money, or both. Combine that with the cost and time of maintaining your natural landscape, and you’ll either need to be very rich, or have a lot of free time. Most people are neither very rich, and if they are, they don’t have a lot of free time. But when getting artificial turf for pool areas, there are some additional benefits that you may not have considered.


We all want people to be safe, especially when we’re having backyard parties, or even just taking a leisurely swim. How many times have we been cautious when getting out of the pool? Wet cement can be very slick, and with excited kids, this can present a safety hazard. Falling on natural grass is obviously safer than falling on cement, but keeping natural grass right next to the pool invites a host of other problems.

With Easy Turf’s artificial grass, you’ll immediately avoid these types of hazards. The traction of artificial turf is far better than the traction of cement, whether it’s wet or not. Not to mention our artificial grass features unmatched drainage technology. This allows you to rest easy, knowing that your family will be safer in your backyard.

Debris and Contamination

One of the biggest issues with natural grass is that it creates mud. While it may not be raining in dry summer months, having a pool will definitely expose your lawn to water, which creates mud. This requires additional maintenance, which is rarely fun. In addition to the mud, your pool is more vulnerable to collecting stray blades of grass from your lawn. This will mean you have to clean it more often, than if you choose artificial turf.

With artificial turf, the only thing you may track into the pool is stray bits of infill. If you end up going with a sand infill for your turf, you aren’t likely to track very much into the pool. This means that you’ll clean it less often, freeing you up to spend more of your time doing what you want.

The Easy Turf Advantage

With Easy Turf, you know you’re going with a quality installer. We have been in the turf business for 17 years and counting, and have installed countless turf jobs. If you’re interested in getting artificial turf for pool areas, contact us today for a free design consultation!

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