artificial turf for dogs

Beautiful lawns require work, not to mention chemical treatments for weeds, bugs and pests and fertilizers. Artificial turf for dogs is a much simpler and safer alternative for your family pet.


artificial dog turf

Kids and dogs love artificial turf.

Your four-legged friends walk, roll and play on the lawn and get the chemicals on their paws and fur. Then they track those same chemicals into your home and get it on the floor, the furniture and your family.  When a dog licks it’s fur or paws, they ingest these chemicals…and they can cause health risks.  Studies show that dogs exposed to lawn chemicals have a higher risk of developing cancer.

So what is the solution?   Artificial turf for dogs is the answer. Call us for a FREE design consultation to see about having an artificial grass solution installed at your home. From a small dog run to an entire lawn, we can custom-design a solution to give your precious pet a safe, healthy environment on which to run, roll and play.


Dogs that are normally sensitive to grass pollen allergies enjoy the allergen free advantage of artificial grass. Natural grass is full of allergens and pollen. Synthetic turf lawns produce no pollen. The only pollen exposure for dogs would be from nearby trees that may be close by. Synthetic grass makes lawns safer and cleaner for all dogs, no matter if they have allergies or not!

artificial turf for dogs

Artificial grass looks and feels real!


Traditional sod lawns are kept thriving up by using pesticides and fertilizers. Some of these chemicals that used to help your grass thrive and kill weeds and insects can be potent.

Synthetic grass lawns do not require and pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals to stay healthy. Weeds do not grow in artificial grass and ants do not thrive within the turf foundation fibers. So weed killer and insect killer will also be eliminated. Artificial turf is providing a safe and organic foundation because it does not need any chemicals to thrive.  And EasyTurf artificial grass eliminates an insect environment – so say goodbye to fleas, ticks, ants, etc.


Artificial grass allows your dogs to play on a traditional looking lawn and you still get to enjoy a lawn that never has brown spots or dying grass areas. The durability of a synthetic grass lawn is unmatched.
Artificial turf for dogs is the wave of the future.  Dogs LOVE playing on EasyTurf artificial grass and they take to it just as naturally as they do to live grass. Pet owners love EasyTurf artificial turf for dogs because it keeps their dogs and their homes cleaner. This saves a LOT of time – and frustration – which now can be spent on enjoyable family or pet-fun activities, instead of constant cleaning. Your dogs will be playing on a safer and cleaner surface. Dogs will stay clean and they won’t be exposed to any herbicides or pesticides which can compromise their health.

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