Autumn Home Improvement

With summer heat and humidity slowing fading away, now is the perfect time to tackle a few important Fall home improvement projects.
  • Check your roof and gutters for any wear and tear. With milder temperatures in Autumn, now is a great time to address any problems like curling shingles or blocked gutters.
  • Each fall, update and replace the batteries in your home’s carbon monoxide and smoke alarm detectors. It’s important for the safety of your home and your family that these detectors are regularly fixed with new batteries.
  • Install artificial grass to keep your yard looking green and lush. As leaves begin to dry and fall from the trees, don’t let your yard fade out in the process. EasyTurf artificial grass will be the envy of all your neighbors as their yard turns brown.
  • Keep your home’s exterior paint in good condition by inspecting it every fall season. Look out for any spots that look faded or any small chips around the edges.


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