EasyTurf Trivia

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Ready for some EasyTurf trivia? Test your knowledge of the nation’s BEST artificial turf with these fun questions!

In which landmark has Easyturf installed in San Diego?

A) San Diego Zoo

B) Legoland

C) SeaWorld

Answer: All! Our clients include SeaWorld, Disneyland, LegoLand, the San Diego Zoo, several Marriott Hotels, The Ritz Carlton in Ft Lauderdale, as well and many other regional hotels and resorts, condo communities, apartments communities, schools and daycare centers, doggie day care centers, churches and thousands of residential homes.


Which NFL team was the first to install FieldTurf (EasyTurf’s parent company) in 2002?

A) Minnesota Vikings

B) Carolina Panthers

C) Seattle Seahawks

Answer: C) Seattle Seahawks were the first NFL team to install FieldTurf artificial turf in 2002. Seattle’s former coach, Mike Holmgren, said of the NFL FieldTurf surface “it’s about as much like grass as you can have a synthetic surface be” and that the players love it. Following the Seattle Seahawks, 20 other NFL teams have now joined the FieldTurf family.


Which NFL teams use FieldTurf’s (EasyTurf’s parent company) artificial grass?

A)  Indianapolis Colts

B) New England Patriots

C) Cincinnati Bengals

Answer: All! In fact, 21 of 32 teams play on FieldTurf artificial grass.


Where is EasyTurf made and manufactured?

A) China

B) United States

C) Indonesia

Answer: The United States. EasyTurf is made and manufactured in Calhoun, Georgia.


Where is the original office of EasyTurf located?

A) Downtown San Diego

B) Escondido

C) Vista

Answer: Escondido! EasyTurf was founded in Escondido, but now currently resides in Vista. Come visit our showroom Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM at 2750 La Mirada Drive, Vista CA 92081, or call to learn more at (866) 327-9887.